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Crystal Cam Imaging, Inc. (CCII) offers high quality cameras and imaging products for divers, ROV operators, OEMs, and inspection contractors that perform remote visual inspections (RVI) or General Visual Inspection (GVI) in hazardous areas and confined spaces. Our full line of industrial products are incredibly easy to use but powerful enough to handle some of the most challenging environments anywhere.



Founded in 2013, Crystal Cam Imaging, Inc. designs and builds versatile and reliable visual inspection equipment.

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Cameras and crawler systems for remote visual inspection and observation applications.

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Short term project? No capital equipment budget? Short or long term rentals might be the solution.

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Accessories. Manuals. Support and repairs. Our service department has you covered.

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Ruggedised products for remote visual and confined space inspection applications. Available as stand alone systems , OEM integration or full turnkey packages. From in air applications to deep sea deployments, we'll help you "See It Clearly"


We love innovation. Understanding your options is ideal when investing in remote visual inspection (RVI) equipment, and one should partner with a supplier who has field tested equipment in order to optimize your inspection results and project need. Our passion comes from our clients - their needs inspire us to work through challenges and develop creative and simple solutions to complex inspection requirements. See your world clearly with accuracy, clarity and precision.


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