Better late than never … hopefully?

Since taking power in late 2015, the new Canadian government has committed to spending more than $180 billion on improving infrastructure over a 12-year period.  A good portion of this spending is earmarked for water and wastewater infrastructure – a critical component to healthy, happy and safe living in the modern world.  In fact, a few years ago, readers of the British Medical Journal recognized sewer and water systems as one of the greatest medical advances since 1940! 

But, with the latest budget, Canada has delayed billions of that infrastructure spending.  That means tanks, pipes and culverts will continue to age – so inspection is more important than ever; after all, failing wastewater infrastructure can be disastrous.  Just look at what happened in Nantucket early this year: 


For inspections of the regular stuff - sewer, storm and water pipes – there are a myriad of different pipe inspection technologies available (check out some of our favorites right here: - you might even see a Crystal Cam camera or two!).  But when things get really challenging – whether it be remote locations, difficult access, uneven terrain, etc. – our crawler systems offer some distinct advantages.



The Delta Extreme and Delta Micro offer some key features that can turn a difficult remote visual inspection project into a breeze.  Both crawler vehicles are amphibious and highly maneuverable. And they can change shape on the fly – so getting around the obstacles and debris that are commonly found in large pipes and culverts is quick and easy.  Perhaps the most important feature of all – they are truly portable.  A full system, including vehicle, tether cable, controller, DVR, monitor and battery pack, can be easily transported by a single person in a car, on an ATV, or even on horseback! (it’s been done!) 


For more information on how our Delta systems can aid in your pipe, culvert and tank (or almost any confined space!) inspection applications, contact our sales team at or visit our website at