Robot Brutus to make DOW safer

The Dow Chemical Company has recently started using a range of robotic systems for remote visual inspections in traditional confined spaces and hazardous areas, as well as overall plant safety. In a recent on-line article, Dow describes their new robots as colleagues, and explains how they make working at the factory a lot safer. The company has invested millions in new remote inspection equipment, including four (4) Delta Crawlers that operate ...

Crystal Cam Signs New Distribution Agreement in China

Crystal Cam® Imaging, Inc. is pleased to announce a new agreement with Beijing Germany Union Inspection Technologies Co.,Ltd for product sales in China. With a focus is on high-tech remote visual inspection products and solutions as well as Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) equipment, they are...

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We've Moved

Crystal Cam Imaging, Inc. is pleased to announce our relocation, to 1A-2569 Kenworth Road in Nanaimo, BC!...

Improve Your RVI with Crystal Cam®

According to a recent article from Digital Journal, the use of NDT and RVI (Remote Visual Inspection) equipment is projected to increase 8.1% from 2017 to 2024 as a direct result of government protocols, tight safety guidelines, evolving infrastructure and an increasing demand for...

Taking some of the Pressure Off

A recent article by Offshore Technology describes how the UK Oil and Gas Technology Centre is investing in robotics and remote inspection systems. Most North Sea operations traditionally use intrusive inspection techniques, which can require that the platform be shut down. They may even...

#See It Clearly – What’s Your Inspection Camera Really Costing You?

With the ongoing and rapid advancements in camera and imaging technology it can sometimes be difficult to know what camera is best suited for your industrial video applications. Performing successful confined space or hazardous area inspections can be tricky - you could easily find yourself ...

Quick and Simple Visual Inspections - Storage Tanks

Millions of Aboveground Storage Tanks (ASTs) and Underground Storage Tanks (USTs) are utilized across the globe in a range of industries, including oil and gas, petrochemical, municipal, mining and nuclear. They can be used to hold almost anything – from water or industrial chemicals, to fuels and various ....

Crystal Cam® and Inuktun – partners in RVI

As most of our customers know, we have a pretty close relationship with world leading robotics company Inuktun Services, Ltd. (ISL). We partner closely with them for product development and manufacturing - it only makes sense to do it on the sales side, too....

Delta Extreme for Culvert Inspection – Nexxis Case Study®

Nexxis, our channel partner for Australia and New Zealand, highlight the benefits of having a reliable, light weight and portable solution for culvert inspection. In a recent case study, Nexxis states that....

Making "History" with the Delta Extreme

This week’s blog post offers a quick look at a recent History channel “Hunting for Hitler” episode, where a demolished bunker was explored using the Crystal Cam Delta Extreme robotic crawler system. Experts think the bunker was used by the Nazis to house their ....


Top 5 reasons to come see Crystal Cam at Mari-Tech 2018

Mari-Tech 2018, the annual conference of the Canadian Institute of Marine Engineering (CIMarE), is taking place at the Victoria Conference Center on Thursday, April 19th – 20th. Held annually since 1976, this premier....


Crystal Cam Welcomes Ibrahim Amerih to the Team

Crystal Cam Imaging, Inc is pleased to announce the appointment of Ibrahim Amerih as our new CEO, effective January 29, 2018....


Researching the North Coast Inlet – Crystal Cam Guides the Way

For more than three decades, Archipelago Marine Research Ltd has been providing at-sea observation, dock, electronic and environmental monitoring. They have helped...


TianJin TEDA XinHai Testecho Co., LTD with Crystal cam Imaging, Inc.

Crystal cam Imaging, Inc. is pleased to announce that it has signed an agreement with TianJin TEDA XinHai Testecho Co., LTD (“TEDA”) for product sales in China. ...


Think Outside the Box - Crystal Cam Custom Solutions

When it comes to Remote Visual Inspection, Crystal Cam offers high quality cameras and imaging products designed to operate in hazardous and confined spaces, for use by divers, ROV operators, OEMs, and inspection contractors. Due to the nature of some of our client’s inspection needs, we sometimes need to think outside the box … here are a couple of examples:...


Better late than never … hopefully?

Since taking power in late 2015, the new Canadian government has committed to spending more than $180 billion on improving infrastructure over a 12-year period. A good portion of this spending is earmarked for...


Tread Lightly

Pipe inspection robots are pretty cool; they come in a lot of different designs of varying sizes from manufacturers all over the world. And when it comes to inspecting inside of pipes, they can be really...


UI in Review

Last week we were in New Orleans, exhibiting at Underwater Intervention (UI 2018) with Inuktun InCommand Robotics and Seamor Marine. The event drew key personnel from underwater operations industries, with attendees from across the globe.


What’s coming down the pipe …?

Just recently our US dealer, Inuktun InCommand Robotics, LLC in Pasadena Texas, performed a local demonstration of our newly released Crystal Cam Diamond HD push system. And they got a little more than they bargained for…


See it (more) clearly! – a look into CCII Accessories

When considering a new Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) system, or expanding on existing equipment, be sure to check out...


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Upgrade to HD Today! (or tomorrow)...


High Powered Low Voltage - Crystal Cam® Sapphire For OEM

If you need an industrial camera that can integrate with your existing hardware – whatever that may be – the Crystal Cam® Sapphire may be the....


Try It Before You Buy It

With a lineup of high quality cameras and crawlers, Crystal Cam’s full line of industrial products are....


Good Things Come In Small Packages

The Crystal Cam® Delta Micro robotic crawler offers the ability to go places and see things that other remote visual inspection robots....



If you have ever used, purchased, or even looked at industrial cameras for remote visual inspection (RVI), you’ve probably....

Search and Rescue Robots

Their mission - to explore dangerous environments, to seek out life, and to boldly go where no ‘bot has gone before....


Standing Out from The Crowd – Designed with Your Inspection in Mind

When considering your next Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) purchase, be sure to check out CCII’s line of...

Stronger Together

As seen in previous blog posts, Nexxis is now our channel partner for Australia and New Zealand and the industry is...

Pipe and Confined Space Inspection

With options available to the consumer and professionals for confined spaces inspection products, CCII breaks down what...

In That Case, Shipping's Easy

Logistics. Shipping. Mobilization. It can go by a lot of names, but moving equipment from one location to another is often ...

NDT, GRP and the use of Crystal Cam Cameras

Multi-sensor inspection robots are on the rise as the demand for non-destructive testing (NDT) and ground penetration radar (GPR) increases. While GPR uses high-frequency radio waves to ...

Helios - The game changing technology your inspection is missing

Performing Remote Visual Inspections (RVI) in industrial or subsea situations comes with a host of imaging challenges. Most modern off-the-shelf cameras ...

Robotic Culvert Inspection - stop getting your feet wet!

Visual inspection inside of culverts presents a range of challenges that may include wet or muddy environments, submerged debris, insect infestation (or other troublesome inhabitants), and a variety of other hazards. Sometimes it is even performed ...

#See It Clearly – What’s Your Inspection Camera Really Costing You?

With the ongoing and rapid advancements in camera and imaging technology it can sometimes be difficult to know what camera is best suited for your industrial video applications. Performing successful confined space or hazardous area inspections can be tricky - you could easily find yourself ...

To remediate or not to remediate… that is the question.

"Our investigation included coring a 3 ½” hole in the center of the piles and the camera was..."

Nexxis Partners with Crystal Cam Imaging

We are pleased to announce that Nexxis Pty, Ltd. has signed on to be our exclusive Australian and New Zealand channel partner.

Portable Power benefits - Recharge your batteries!

Confined space inspections are not easy. By their nature they frequently involve difficult to access areas and...

A New Edition to Our Team

Crystal Cam Imaging is pleased to announce the latest addition to our team - Craig Richardsen, Sales and Marketing Manager.

Reaching new heights.

Sometimes, a little height is a good thing. Recently roboticists have create a robot with a vertical jump capable of leaping both high into the air and rebounding off walls.

Crystal Cam Acquires Recce Robotics International

On September 1, 2016 Crystal Cam Imaging, Inc. (CCII) acquired the assets of robot manufacturer Recce Robotics International, Inc. (R2i2)

Tether Care

Call it what you will; tether, cable, cord, control wire. The electrical connection to your remotely operated vehicle is, quite literally, its lifeline. Crystal Cam tethers typically provide not only the power and control signals for the cameras and vehicles, but also a strength member that allows for retrieval in emergency situations.

No Charge Extended Warranty

A good thing is about to get better. On January 1, 2017 we are doubling the warranty on all of our Crystal Cam Cameras!

Extreme Inspections

We are excited to announce the newest addition to our product line, the variable geometry mobile robotic systems previously manufactured by Recce Robotics and Inuktun Services.

Crystal Cam Technology - A Clear Vantage Point

Protecting our borders from the illegal movement of weapons, drugs, contraband, and people, while promoting lawful entry and exit, is essential to homeland security, economic prosperity, and national sovereignty.

Plan to Fail?

One of the arguments some of our competitors use to promote their cameras over our Crystal Cam Products is serviceability. They claim that because our Amber and Sapphire cameras are completely potted they cannot be repaired.  And that’s true. But it’s OK – we planned it that way.

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