Pipe and Confined Space Inspection

Visual inspection inside of pipes, wells, ducts and other confined spaces has become commonplace.  There are a huge number of options available to the consumer and professional alike - you can even buy basic systems at places like Home Depot.  So, what makes our systems different?  There are a few things to consider …

#1 – Durability.  The Crystal Cam® cameras are truly industrial, designed to operate in extreme conditions.  Our Amber, Sapphire and Diamond cameras are all fully encased in durable epoxy, making them almost indestructible.  And the Onyx, at less than 1” diameter, can be used in some of the most confined spaces, hazardous areas, or even underwater to depths of 3,300 feet [1,000 m.] underwater.

#2 – Flexibility.  Whether you need a complete turnkey solution or a camera module on its own, our products are simple to use and easy to integrate into OEM systems.  Some examples … check out this two-inch [50 mm] pipe crawler from Inuktun that incorporates an Onyx camera, or this special version of our Amber camera offered from VideoRay.    

#3 – Reliability.  We truly believe that our cameras are some of the most durable, dependable systems available anywhere.  And that’s not just talk.  With our current warranty, if you buy one of our new Crystal Cam cameras, and it fails during normal usage within two years, we will replace it.  No waiting for repairs. No messing around shipping parts back and forth.  No worries.


Crystal Cam Imaging, Inc. is a relatively new company, but our products are all built with mature, proven technology developed over the last twenty years.  We’ve built and sold more than 1,000 cameras for end users, engineers and OEM clients in a wide range of different industries. Contact us today to learn how our cameras and crawlers can be used for your remote visual inspection needs.




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