Crystal Cam Amber for Mining – A Nexxis Case Study

Nexxis, our channel partner for Australia and New Zealand, highlight the benefits of having a durable, compact camera with integrated lighting for confined space inspection.


Revisiting an earlier case study by Inuktun, Nexxis describes a project with Agnico Eagle, a gold mine in Val D’Or in Quebec (check out their story here!).  In need of a small diameter camera with integrated lights for exploration and drilling purposes, they looked to Crystal Cam’s® Amber camera.  Small in size but big in performance, the Crystal Cam® Amber is fully encased in epoxy with integrated high intensity LED lighting, making the Amber suitable to go practically anywhere, like the harsh and unpredictable environment of the Agnico Eagle gold mine.



Agnico Eagle purchased a standard Crystal Cam® Amber Turnkey System with an electric winch and a video amplifier in the controller, which more than doubled the equipment’s operational length to over 500m (1700 feet). 



Amber Turnkey System

The Crystal Cam® cameras can be used as a standalone unit or integrated into OEM’s, ROVs, robotic crawlers or manipulators, depending on application requirements.  Operational in air or underwater, the Crystal Cam® Amber, Onyx, Sapphire and Diamond HD are highly versatile and are well suited for confined space inspection, remote visual inspection and hazardous areas not suited for human intervention.


Agnico Eagle is still using the Amber camera on a regular basis.  And, even after five years, the system has only required maintenance on the tether cable.


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Information on Nexxis, and the full case study, can be found on their website at

“Its surprisingly low price is just one of the reasons why the Crystal Cam® Amber is so popular around the world.” - Nexxis