Crystal Clear Aquaculture

The “Aquaculture Goes High Tech” article in the June 2018 edition of Sea Technology describes how the aquaculture industry is looking to increase efficiencies and reduce downstream environmental impacts by exploiting new technologies.  The global market for farm-raised fish is expected to exceed $200B by 2020 – and some companies are now using satellites to perform bathymetry surveys for environmental monitoring and evaluation.   But there is also a lot of monitoring that can be performed without space technology … and Crystal Cam has some great imaging options.


(Photo Credit: BMT Group)

Aquaculture inspections require high quality video – but it’s not always easy underwater - light levels, turbidity, and ocean conditions can make things challenging. Crystal Cam offers multiple remote visual inspection solutions, providing high quality cameras and imaging products.   Available as stand-alone systems, OEM integration or full turnkey packages, each system is easy to use yet powerful enough to handle some of the most difficult environments.



3 Options for Optimizing Aquaculture Inspections



Crystal Cam Cameras - Working in air or underwater, with a depth rating up to 3,300 feet* [1000m], all our Crystal Cam Cameras come standard with variable intensity integrated LED lighting.  Durable and corrosion resistant, these surprisingly small cameras are big on performance; our newest Crystal Cam Diamond HD even offers full HD (1080p) resolution.



Crystal Cam Digital Video Recorder (DVR) - Designed to fit easily inside our Turnkey Packages, the DVR can easily be adapted for any Standard Definition (SD) video system.   With options for audio recording and digital snapshots on-the-fly, it’s ideal for any inspection project or monitoring application.



Helios Real Time Video Enhancement – Adverse conditions in aquaculture environments (low light, rain, snow, fog, and turbid water) can make it almost impossible to capture high quality video.  The Helios exposes new video image details that escape the naked eye, and automatically corrects visibility issues to emphasize object edges, and improve image clarity and brightness.

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* Crystal Cam Onyx has a depth rating of 3,300ft [1,000m]