Delta Extreme for Culvert Inspection

Nexxis Case Study

Nexxis, our channel partner for Australia and New Zealand, highlight the benefits of having a reliable, light weight and portable solution for culvert inspection. 


In a recent case study, Nexxis states that “Culvert inspection is one of the common applications for this intuitive, remotely operated robotic system.  The Delta Extreme is specially designed for inspection and reconnaissance missions in areas that are unsafe or inaccessible to people such as inside confined spaces and hazardous environments.   Its unique shape-changing capabilities enable it to navigate through tight spaces, over objects and around obstacles whilst the specially designed track belts provide optimal traction performance in a wide variety of environments, including underwater to a depth of 30 metres.  


Fast and flexible, the Delta Extreme can travel at speeds up to 27m a minute and handle temperatures from 0 – 50C.”


Nexxis is one of Australia’s leading NDT equipment suppliers of specialist inspection equipment for remote visual inspection (RVI), non-destructive testing (NDT), instrumentation, measurement and alignment equipment.   They are committed to offering their clients the very best and latest technologies.  At Nexxis, they are committed to reducing project downtime – so their clients never miss an opportunity. 


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Information on Nexxis, and the full case study, can be found on their website at

 “The Delta Extreme is just one of high quality cameras and imaging products from Crystal Cam Imaging Inc (CCII), which has built a global reputation for quality and solutions-driven innovation.” - Nexxis