Dam Safety

– with BC Hydro

Large hydroelectric dams involve a lot of risk – both at the initial construction and during ongoing operations.  But the benefits of relatively inexpensive and environmentally sustainable electricity outweigh these risks – as long as proper maintenance and inspection programs are implemented and executed effectively.  BC Hydro, for example, builds dams based on the best practice available at the time of construction … but even the best built dams still need to be regularly monitored and inspected. And one of BC Hydro’s go to tools is the Crystal Cam® Amber!


Economical, durable and simple to use – the Amber cameras are perfect for quick visual inspection in and around penstock grates and entrance points to monitor potential blockages and evaluate overall structural integrity.  With an extendable pole, operators can easily assess these areas without having to enter any confined spaces or other dangerous areas.



All Crystal Cam cameras come standard with integrated LED lighting and unparalleled durability in some of the most brutal environments.  Practically indestructible, the Amber can survive high external pressures and wide temperature fluctuations, and they are inherently resistant to corrosion due to the epoxy housing. Plus, all the Crystal Cam cameras (from our entry level Amber to the Diamond HD) can be used as stand-alone systems or integrated into OEM equipment (depending on application requirements).


Looking for more information? Check out our cameras and imaging products.  And, reach out to our sales team at info@crystal-cam.com to learn more about Crystal Cam® technology for your inspection remote visual inspection needs.


BC Hydro's dam safety program is responsible for managing the safety of all of BC Hydro's structures that retain the reservoirs and control the passage of water that flows through, around and beyond the dams.  Click here for more information.