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Crystal Cams ruggedized cameras and robotics equipment. See the world with accuracy, clarity and precision.



At less than 1 inch [25.4 mm] diameter including integrated LED lighting, the Crystal Cam® Onyx works in extremely small spaces.


Small in size but big in performance, the Crystal Cam® Amber is our flagship camera module with build-in LED lighting.


The Crystal Cam® Sapphire has a wide voltage input range and an embedded micro-controller, optimized for a variety of applications.


The CC Diamond incorporates the latest in video and LED technology, offering integrated lights and full High Definition (1080p).


Digital Video Recorder

Crystal Cams rugged industrial quality video processing device, the DVR can easily be adapted for any Standard Definition (SD) video system.


Crystal Cams real time video enhancement system, automatically corrects visibility issues and improves image quality, brightness and edge emphasis.

Inspection Pole

Designed for all modles of Crystal Cam cameras, the Crystal Cam Inspection Pole is a light weight and inexpensive way, to reach the unreachable.


Delta Micro

The Delta Micro is a variable geometry miniature inspection crawler with high traction rubber belts for operation in challenging environments.

Delta Extreme

The Delta Extreme is an intuitive remotely operated robotic system designed for inspection and reconnaissance missions inside of confined spaces and hazardous environments.


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