Good things come in small packages

The Crystal Cam® Delta Micro robotic crawler offers the ability to go places and see things that other remote visual inspection robots can’t.   The system is truly portable; it can be easily transported by a single person in a car, plane, or even an ATV, and the optional battery pack means you don’t need a local power source, so ever remote locations can be inspected with minimal effort.  Incorporating a high resolution, tilting and zooming camera, integrated LED lighting and laser lines(optional), plus a shape changing chassis – the Delta Micro is ideal for inspecting road and railway culverts, HVAC ducts, pipes, tanks and pressure vessels.

Weighing approximately 14lbs and measuring a tiny 9"W x 17"L x 4.5"H, its small size allows it to enter and navigate in confined spaces and hazardous areas; the variable geometry means it can readily crawl over debris, joint work, and other obstacles common in industrial settings.  And it can work in air, or underwater.  The standard system can pull more than 300’ of tether so the majority of inspections can be performed from a single entry point.


Contact us today to learn more about our products, and why companies like Dow Chemical, Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station, Amey Plc, and many more are choosing the Crystal Cam® Delta robotic crawlers for their inspection needs.

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