Improve Your RVI with Crystal Cam®

According to a recent article from Digital Journal, the use of NDT and RVI (Remote Visual Inspection) equipment is projected to increase 8.1% from 2017 to 2024 as a direct result of government protocols, tight safety guidelines, evolving infrastructure and an increasing demand for reliable and safety-oriented machines.


And Crystal Cam is here to help meet that market demand!  We offer high quality, field tested cameras and imaging products that can save time and money when performing remote inspections, asset evaluation and quality control processes.



The three most popular Crystal Cam® RVI tools include:

  • Diamond HD with Extendable Inspection Pole - used to look for faults, flaws or corrosion in materials and structures, without the need for expensive setups or scaffolding. The Diamond HD offers integrated variable intensity lighting with full 1080p resolution in an almost indestructible epoxy housing, with an optional lightweight, extendable, carbon fiber pole.


  • Diamond HD Push System - Designed for confined space inspection in pipes and small ducts, the push system is equipped with the Diamond HD camera and up to 155ft of rigid tether cable. Standard systems include the control unit, built-in battery pack, and 7" monitor with one touch recording.


  • Delta Turnkey Crawler Systems – Capable of functioning in some of the most challenging environments, our crawlers operate on land or underwater, with tether cables up to 330 ft. [100 m] in length. These systems are durable, and adaptable, with “on-the-fly” shape changing abilities.  Options include on-screen laser lines, battery packs, and custom cases for improved portability.

Crystal Cam® prides itself on providing RVI equipment for both stand-alone applications and OEM integration into existing platforms.  Check out some examples - like the Crystal Cam® Sapphire solution for Inuktun Services or the Crystal Cam® Onyx installed on a Seamor Marine’s 7 function H arm. 


Contact our expert sales team today to learn more about how our RVI equipment can work for you, or visit our website at for additional details on any of our products.