Robot Brutus to make DOW safer

The Dow Chemical Company has recently started using a range of robotic systems for remote visual inspections in traditional confined spaces and hazardous areas, as well as overall plant safety.


In a recent on-line article, Dow describes their new robots as colleagues, and explains how they make working at the factory a lot safer.  The company has invested millions in new remote inspection equipment, including four (4) Delta Crawlers that operate at plants in Thailand, Holland and the USA.  As the article explains, the robots are required to meet new safety requirements imposed by Dow headquarters.  By 2025 they plan to eliminate all Confined Space Entry (“CSE”), so no employees will be allowed to go into a tank, barrel or cooling tower.  Peter Voorhans, who leads the Dow robotics team in Holland, provided one example of how some of the new robots are used for inspecting cooling towers.


And the team at the Terneuzen plant have given their technology a personal touch: human names, which they felt would be easy to remember.  The Delta Extreme, or “Brutus”, is one of the more popular systems; Dow employees were even lining up to work with it!





The Delta Extreme is specially designed for inspection in areas that are unsafe or inaccessible to people, such as hazardous environments and confined spaces.   It has specially designed track belts that provide optimal performance in a wide variety of environments – even underwater to a depth of 30 metres.  And its unique shape-changing capabilities allow it to navigate through tight spaces, over objects and around obstacles.


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The full article (in Dutch) can be found on the Omroep Zeeland website here.


" This robot is called Brutus, simply because it is brutal. " Dennis Bastiaansen, employee Dow