Making "History" with the Delta Extreme

This week’s blog post offers a quick look at a recent History channel “Hunting for Hitler” episode, where a demolished bunker was explored using the Crystal Cam Delta Extreme robotic crawler system.  Experts think the bunker was used by the Nazis to house their experimental aircraft at the end of the war, but without getting inside and finding some evidence, nobody knows for sure.  

The production team reached out to Inuktun Europe and requested some “state of the art” robotic equipment, along with an expert operator.  Technical Manager Russell Fraser reviewed the requirements, packed up some equipment, and made the trip to Germany.   Upon reviewing the condition of the bunker, Russell realized he was in for a challenge; the entry was tight, and there was a lot of rubble and loose debris.  Luckily, he decided to bring the Delta Extreme – a robotic crawler specifically designed for confined space applications, remote visual inspection, and Urban Search and Rescue operations. 


Russell setup the system and, with the help of the crew, they were able to deploy into the bunker in a matter of minutes.  Once inside the remnants of the bunker, the vehicle was able to move into some of the small spaces and voids, quickly locating a mysterious object.    Producer Lenny DePaul was impressed.

“After this thing blew up, nobody was coming in here, to have a robotic pair of eyes like this, to be able to sink in another 15 feet, where I can’t get in; such a location, no one has ever seen… unbelievable.” Lenny DePaul – Hunting for Hitler


And what did they discover? An Me-262 starter, part of an engine used in one of the world’s first jet fighter planes, capable of traveling over 500 mph!


Check out the video of the inspection and discovery here, starting at 32:41 minutes.


The Delta crawlers are perfect for applications like this – getting into tight spaces and maneuvering around or over obstacles and debris.  It was designed with inspection and reconnaissance in mind.  Compact and completely portable, the system fits easily into a backpack and can be transported, deployed and operated by a single person, with little to no training required. 


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