Taking the Plunge

– Crystal Cam for Offshore Diving Operations

Offshore Diving in the Oil & Gas industry is the most common commercial diving operation.  Working in support of the exploration and production sectors, divers perform underwater activities related to inspection, construction and repair, and search/salvage, including maintenance of oil platforms and the building of underwater structures.  With safety of paramount importance – knowing someone topside is watching allows the diver to focus on the task at hand.  The Crystal Cam® Cameras not only deliver this extra security, but when coupled with a DVR, they can provide a record of the work performed.


In addition to the risk and complexities inherent with any diving operation, commercial divers must be proficient at handling large and sometimes complicated machinery.  They certainly don’t want to be bothered with complex or difficult to operate camera systems.  Our full line of industrial cameras and accessories (like our DVR and Helios) are incredibly easy to use but powerful enough to handle some of the most challenging environments.  Take the Crystal Cam Onyx, for example.  At only 7/8” diameter, with a depth rating to 3,300ft [1,000m] and integrated LED lights, it is perfect for mounting on commercial dive helmets. Or, it can be used independently to inspect wells, caissons, small pipes or virtually any other confined space.



A standard Turnkey package include everything you need to get started (RVI).  Available in Standard Definition (SD) with either an Amber or Onyx camera (or both!), 7” LCD monitor and up to 1000 ft. [300 m] of tether cable, the entire system is simple to use and quick to deploy.  Or, when you need High Definition (HD) video, our new Diamond camera is offered in a similar setup. 


Whatever your diving application – from working offshore in the Gulf of Mexico to diving into raw sewage or dangerous chemicals for HAZMAT to freshwater Inland diving operations- rest assured the Crystal Cam® cameras will provide the safety and durability you need from an underwater inspection camera.


Looking for more information? Check out our cameras and imaging products.  Or contact our sales team directly at info@crystal-cam.com to learn more about Crystal Cam® technology for your remote visual inspection needs.