Railcar Safety – Crystal Cam Turnkey Solutions

A recent article by Railway Age describes how the Canadian National Rail (CN Rail) is developing and implementing new generations of sophisticated inspection and monitoring systems to keep an eye on its network of steel.  And it got us thinking – can the Crystal Cam® products be used to inspect and monitor railways, trains and related infrastructure?

It turns out, it’s already been done!  The Delta Extreme robotic crawler system has been used extensively in the UK to inspect inside of railway culverts, monitoring structural integrity and looking for blockages or other issues.  And, because it is truly portable, operators can transport the entire robotic system on small all-terrain vehicles, to access some of the more remote locations.


But there’s more! Our standard camera packages are a great add-on for preventative maintenance of the railcars themselves.  Crystal Cam® offers turnkey solutions for easy deployment and hassle-free inspections – and this one, specifically designed for tank inspections, is perfect for quick evaluation inside of railcars used for industrial transportation.



Complete with battery back and 8” monitor, each system can be operational within minutes of arriving at your inspection site; and they come equipped with a built-in DVR that offers one touch recording, snap-shot images, and operator text overlay.  From our standard Amber and Onyx systems to our Diamond HD package in full 1080p, each system is designed to satisfy industry standard inspection needs.





Making transportation smarter, more efficient and, most importantly, safer, takes a lot of hard work and investment.  The full line of Crystal Cam® industrial products can save you time and money.  They are incredibly easy to use, but powerful enough to handle some of the most challenging environments anywhere.


Looking for more information? Check out our cameras and imaging products.  And, feel free to reach out to our sales team at info@crystal-cam.com to learn more about Crystal Cam® technology for your remote visual inspection needs.  #SEEITCLEARLY