Crystal Cam® offers a wide range of spare parts, tools and accessories to enhance your in-air and subsea inspection applications. Anything you need – from deployment poles for your camera to spare belts for your crawler, to battery packs or image enhancement electronics – just give us a call and we can help.

Digital Video Recorder (DVR) dl-pdf

Designed to fit easily inside our Turnkey Packages, the DVR can easily be adapted for any Standard Definition (SD) video system.   With options for audio recording and digital snapshots on-the-fly, it’s ideal for any inspection project or applications.

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Helios real time enhancement system dl-pdf

The Crystal Cam® Helios™ system automatically improves video images and increases clarity in turbid water, sandy conditions or fog.  Used on its own or integrated into a Turnkey Package, the Helios™ applies real time video enhancement to make operations viable in some of the most challenging environments.

Crystal Cam Imaging LCD Monitor

Sunlight Readable Monitor

Working outdoors or in bright areas? Our optional sunlight readable monitor offers high brightness and a non-reflective surface - and it’s a direct replacement for the standard 8” LCD in our camera and crawler systems.

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Inspection Pole dl-pdf

More than just a selfie-stick! Take your Crystal Cam® Onyx, Amber, Sapphire or Diamond and turn it into a telescopic inspection camera.  With an extendable range of 4.5 to 16 ft. [1.4 to 4.8 m], our carbon fiber pole is lightweight, durable and easy to use.

Portability Backpack

Designed specifically for our Delta crawler systems, this backpack incorporates portability and durability in an ergonomic design. Made with a rip-stop fabric exterior, the pack can be carried like a traditional backpack, or hand held like a suitcase, and it’s small enough to qualify as carry-on luggage.

Mini Tether Reel

Let’s face it - cable management is a pain. With our miniature, portable tether reel you can keep your umbilical organized and secure, and a built-in counter allows you to measure the distance being used. An optional padded case makes deployment and shipping easy and reliable.

Battery Packs

We provide spare or replacement battery packs and charging stations for your Crystal Cam® camera or crawler systems. Designed to provide mission critical power at an economical price, our battery packs make your system truly portable.

Delta Tracks

Our specially designed track belts provide optimal traction in confined spaces and harsh environments. From sandy, silty terrain where loose debris may be present, to slippery, or rocky conditions, these belts get your crawler where it needs to go.

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