Crystal Cams® remote visual inspection cameras and crawler systems are used around the world in a huge variety of markets and industries.

Check out some typical applications below.

Commercial Diving

The Crystal Cam cameras are perfectly suited for observation and inspection in the commercial diving industry.   Small in size, with the ability to go deep, all of our cameras include integrated LED lighting and options for advanced viewing in low visibility conditions using the Helios system.

Pipe and Culvert Inspection

The Delta Extreme and Delta Micro crawler systems are used extensively in culvert and pipe inspection applications.  When supplied as a turnkey bundle, they are completely portable and simple to deploy, even in remote locations.

See the Delta Extreme and Micro on you-tube-she

Well and Caisson Inspection

With integrated lighting, long cable deployment options, and intuitive turnkey control systems, the Crystal Cam® Onyx, Amber, Sapphire and Diamond are ideal for performing Remote Visual Inspections (RVI) inside of wells and caissons, or other similar environments.

Urban Search and Rescue (USAR)

With bi-directional audio systems and the ability to negotiate obstacles, even when operating in irregular terrain, the Delta crawler systems set the standard for robotic Urban Search and Rescue operations.  Our systems have been utilized in some of the most challenging USAR efforts, including 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina.


Easy to integrate with a variety of options, our cameras are available to OEM clients for incorporation into their own systems.  Pipe inspection robots, swimming ROVs, and other remotely operated tools are easily outfitted with our small and reliable camera modules.

Construction and Home Inspection

When attached to an inspection pole, our compact cameras can be used to inspect in hard-to-reach locations like attics, basements, false ceilings, chimneys or the area around building footings,  foundation pilings or remote visual inspection.

Security & Military

Portable, adaptable and easy to operate, the Crystal Cam crawler and camera systems can be used in confined spaces to search for IEDs, weapons, drugs or other contraband.

Personnel Monitoring

When people are operating in hazardous areas or confined spaces, the Delta crawler systems can be utilized to ensure the safety of everyone involved.  Clear images and bi-directional audio systems allow supervisors to see and communicate with workers in real-time.

Remote visual inspection cameras and crawler systems, designed with accuracy, clarity and precision in mind. Let us help you "See It Clearly".



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