Crystal Cam® Imaging Inc. designs and manufactures high resolution camera and robotic inspection equipment for divers, ROV operators and manufacturers, inspection contractors or anyone needing remote viewing in hazardous areas and confined spaces. Uses range from land based inspections to deep sea deployments, with applications that span a range of industries.


We offer a wide range of virtually indestructible camera modules and turnkey inspection packages for use both in air and subsea – with some capable of operating as deep as 3,300 feet [1,000m]. All systems include embedded LED lighting with options for viewing, recording and annotating.




Virtually indestructible camera systems.

Submerged or on land, the Delta robotic crawlers are small but incredibly flexible. With options for bi-directional audio systems, on-screen sizing with laser lines, or umbilical cables up to 330 ft [100 m] in length, they are ideal for a variety of applications including Urban Search and Rescue (USAR), nuclear monitoring or remote surveillance, plus culvert duct and pipeline inspection.

Pipeline inspection robotic crawler

Turnkey systems
Crystal Cam® offers a variety of turnkey packages to get you up and running quickly. Best of all, they are truly portable – all of our systems can be easily transported, deployed and operated by a single person. Whether you need a basic camera system, or a fully functional robotic crawler, we’ve got tools for all of your inspection and monitoring needs.

Crystal Cam durable inspection turnkey system

To ensure sure you have everything you need, regardless of your application, Crystal Cam® offers a range of options and accessories for all of our systems. We have video monitors, Digital Video Recorders (DVRs), image enhancement tools, deployment poles, spare parts and more – all in stock and ready for immediate shipping.

Remote visual inspection equipment for hazardous and confined space inspections


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