The Crystal Cam Amber comes standard with variable intensity built in LED lights.



Small in size but big in performance, the Crystal Cam® Amber is our flagship camera module. Fully encased in epoxy with integrated high intensity LED lighting, the Amber can go practically anywhere; it’s perfect for remote visual inspection (RVI) inside of wells, pilings, caissons, pipes, chimneys or pipes. The portable and powerful Amber turnkey systems offer full viewing and recording with on-screen display of time, date, cable distance or even user-entered text. And all for a surprising low price.


The Amber camera can operate in air or underwater (depth rated to 1,000 ft [300m]) making it ideal for use as a diver camera or an auxiliary camera mounted on ROVs, robotic crawlers or manipulator arms. Contact us today to learn how the Crystal Cam® Amber camera systems can help you with your remote inspection and monitoring needs.

CC Amber - Quick Specs

Diameter1.5 inches [37.5mm]
LightingVariable Intensity LED
Imager1/4" CCD
Resolution400+ TV Lines
Sensitivity1 Lux
Depth Rating1,000 feet [300 metres]
Length2 inches [50 mm]
Material2 Part Epoxy

SEE THE CRYSTAL CAM AMBER in action below...

Compact, durable, and versatile confined space inspection cameras.

The Crystal Cam Amber shown here is available to OEM clients for incorporation into their own systems.
Crystal Cam Amber waterproof dive camera
VideoRay external SD camera featuring the Crystal Cam

Applications: Confined Space Inspection, Underwater Surveillance, Auxiliary ROV Camera, Environmental Monitoring, Remote Surveillance, Tank and Well Inspection

The most basic Amber systems include a camera, an easy-to-use “one-touch” control system, power supply and the umbilical cable. Multiple standard options and accessories are available for a range of applications and requirements.

When you need a fully functioning RVI system right out of the box, consider the Crystal Cam® Turnkey Packages. Available with any of our camera modules, these systems can get you up and running instantly.


From backpacks to battery-packs, to additional cameras or extendable poles, we have the equipment you need to make your visual inspections simple, safe and efficient.


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