The Crystal Cam Amber comes standard with variable intensity built in LED lights.

Crystal Cam Sapphire is micro-controlled with variable intensity embedded LED lighting making a ruggedized inspection camera




The newest camera in the Crystal Cam® line, the CC Diamond incorporates the latest in video and LED technology, offering integrated lights and full HD (1080p) resolution in a surprisingly small package. Like all CCII cameras it works equally effectively in air or underwater, with a depth rating of 1,000 feet [300m]. Using the same technology as the Crystal Cam® Sapphire camera, the Diamond has a wide input voltage range – so it is simple to integrate with other equipment and devices. The HD signal only requires two conductors (a twisted pair) and can be transmitted over 500+ feet [150+ m] of cable without sacrificing quality.


Whatever the application – commercial diving, pipe inspection, tank inspection, or any industrial RVI – the CC Diamond offers a simple and economical solution for true HD viewing and monitoring. Contact us today to learn how the Crystal Cam® Diamond camera systems can help you with your remote inspection needs.

CC Diamond - Quick Specs

Diameter1.63 inches [41mm]
LightingVariable Intensity LED
Imager1/3" CMOS
Sensitivity<1 LUX
Depth Rating1,000 feet [300 metres]
Length2.72 inches [69 mm]
Material2 Part Epoxy

SEE CRYSTAL CAM DIAMOND examples below...

Compact, durable, and versatile confined space inspection cameras.

Inuktun Services MagUT with rear facing Crystal Cam Sapphire
Inuktun Services VT150 with rear facing Crystal Cam Sapphire

Applications: OEM Integration, Auxiliary ROV Camera, Equipment Monitoring, Underwater Surveillance, Environmental Monitoring, Dive Helmet Camera

Diamond cameras are available as individual modules or in a system that includes a camera, PC control system, power supply and the umbilical cable. Multiple standard options and accessories are available for a range of applications and requirements.

When you need a fully functioning crawler system right out of the box, consider a Crystal Cam® Delta Turnkey Package. Available with either of our crawler systems, they can get you up and running instantly.


From backpacks to battery-packs, to additional cameras or extendable poles, we have the equipment you need to make your visual inspections simple, safe and efficient.


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