The standard Crystal Cam® turnkey systems are truly portable, with a camera or crawler, tether cable, control system, DVR, monitor and battery pack all in a single, portable package. And you can easily add a HeliosTM image enhancement system to SD systems, for advanced viewing capabilities in low visibility environments.


Amber, Onyx & Diamond

Our most basic turnkey packages include everything you need to get started with Remote Visual Inspection (RVI).  Available in Standard Definition (SD) with either an Amber or Onyx camera (or both!) and 100+ ft. [30+ m] of tether cable, the entire system is simple to use and quick to deploy.  Or, when you need High Definition (HD) video, our new Diamond camera is offered in a similar setup.

Crystal Cam turnkey system for Remote Visual Inspection.

Sapphire & Diamond

Harness the power of a full Windows® computer system with our new digital systems.  Both the Sapphire and Diamond HD cameras can be supplied in a completely turnkey setup with video recording, real-time snapshots and on-the-fly annotations.

Crystal Cam Remote Visual Inspection Equipment for hazardous, confined space and remote viewing.


Delta Extreme and Micro

The ultimate in portability, our Delta Extreme and Delta Micro turnkey systems are the perfect field packages for inspecting pipes, culverts, tanks and more.  Where remote locations or difficult to negotiate terrain create new challenges with accessing your infrastructure, these complete crawler systems make things simple.  They include everything needed to perform quality visual inspections and they are truly portable - the entire system can be checked as airline luggage, carried in the trunk of your car, or even transported by ATV.

Crystal Cams Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) solutions for hazardous and confined space inspection, including cameras and robotic equipment.

Delta Digital

Coming soon!  Our new Delta Digital turnkey systems include PC or tablet control with advanced recording, annotating and logging capability.  Supporting both SD and HD camera systems, these innovative control packages provide almost limitless functionality.  Click the button below to contact us and request more information on our new Delta Digital packages.

Crystal Cams Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) solutions for hazardous and confined space inspection.



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