The Crystal Cam® Delta crawlers are remotely operated robotic vehicles capable of functioning in some of the most challenging environments. Adaptable, durable and amphibious, our crawler systems are well suited to Remote Visual Inspection (RVI), search and rescue, covert surveillance and personnel monitoring applications across a range of industries. Both systems operate on land or subsea to depths of 100 ft. [30 m], with options for bi-directional audio systems, on-screen laser lines, portability packaging, and tether cables up to 330 ft. [100 m] in length. And, with an ability to change shape on-the-fly, they can easily overcome obstacles and debris that stop other robots in their tracks.  

Crystal Cam® Delta Extreme

The Delta Extreme incorporates a specially designed track belt system to provide optimal traction in loose sand or muddy conditions. Easy to deploy, with travel speeds up to 90 ft. per minute [27 m. per minute], it is ideal for USAR operations, or any application where timing and effectiveness are critical.

Amphibious shape changing robotic crawler for search and rescue, culvert, pipe and confined space inspection.

Crystal Cam® Delta Micro
The Delta Micro crawler system includes all the same features and options of the Delta Extreme, with a smaller profile and a high friction rubber belt design. Ideal for operating in pipes, ducts and other industrial environments, the entire system is easily transported, deployed and operated by a single person.

Amphibious shape changing robotic crawler for search and rescue, nuclear, pipe and confined space inspection.


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