Sometimes you need to perform a one-time inspection. Or maybe you just don’t have the budget to purchase a new system. Or perhaps you just want to try it out before committing to buy. We get it.  Sometimes a purchase just doesn’t make sense.  In those situations, why not rent instead?

CCII makes renting equipment a breeze.  Our systems are incredibly easy to use and are available for daily, weekly or monthly rental intervals.  Our simple rental agreement includes options for damage protection insurance, providing true peace of mind.   And, best of all, our try-before-you-buy program means that if you decide to purchase a system after the rental period, 50% of your rental price will be allocated towards the purchase of a new system*. * Certain conditions apply; contact us for more detail.


We offer a broad range of Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) equipment for a variety of inspection projects.


Crystal Cam Imaging Turnkey packages for remote visual inspection

The CCII crawlers are portable, powerful and adaptable, making them ideal for inspecting culverts, pipes, tanks, tunnels, and more.

Crystal Cam Imaging offers daily/weekly/monthly equipment rentals for applications such as culvert and HVAC inspection.

     Contact our experienced technicians today to learn more about how our rental packages can be tailored to your specific needs.  Secure your rental system now!


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