Crystal Cam Rental Solutions

The global NDT market is expected to exceed $4B by 2024 – and visual testing will remain as one of the key methodologies.  In fact, only Ultrasonic Testing and Radiography are expected to hold a bigger piece of the market.   And we’re seeing that in practice. We recently posted about Dow Chemical’s expanding use of robotic Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) systems here in our “Robot Brutus” blog.  And a recent Oil Field Technology article provides another example


Visual Inspection is never going to be replaced by other advanced NDT technologies; instead, it offers a complementary capability that is quick, economical and intuitive.  Crystal Cam offers multiple solutions that can reduce both asset downtime and overall inspection time, as well as minimizing the need for Confined Space Entry (CSE).  We’re always happy to sell new systems, but sometimes the need to own (or the budget) just isn’t there – so we also offer rentals.


Available globally on daily, weekly, monthly contracts, our rental packages are ideal for a range of RVI applications inside of pipes, pressure vessels, wells, caissons, storage tanks, and more! For example, the unique Diamond HD push system is lightweight and portable, yet robust enough to be used in harsh areas and confined spaces.  And our Inspection Pole works with all our Crystal Cam cameras (Onyx, Amber, Sapphire and Diamond) - turning them into a telescopic inspection tool for those hard to reach places. 







See one example of the Diamond HD in action here!


Perhaps best of all … our try-before-you-buy program means that if you decide to purchase a system after the rental period, 50% of your rental price will be allocated towards the purchase of a new system*.


Whatever needs inspecting, our full line of industrial products are easy to use but powerful enough to handle some of the most challenging environments anywhere.  Reach out to our sales team at to learn more about the product and rental options that best suit your inspection needs.