Researching the North Coast Inlet

Crystal Cam Guides the Way

For more than three decades, Archipelago Marine Research Ltd has been providing at-sea observation, dock, electronic and environmental monitoring.  They have helped fisheries, coastal communities, and industry regulators with environmental assessments, shoreline rehabilitations, habitat creation and monitoring.  Dale McCullough, Oceanographic Specialist, tells us how they used their Crystal Cam equipment to support seabed operations in a sunken log infested north coast inlet.


“I built an electric spooler for the 500-foot Crystal Cam® tether to allow ease of tether handling in water depths to 140 m” He said “I also built a swivel arm for our VanVeen sediment grab that would mount the Crystal Cam® [Amber].  The real time camera image allowed us to avoid the seabed log cover and to set down the sediment sampler on clear soft sediment”.  Dale goes on to explain the benefit of their camera system … “Grab success was multiplied many times through use of the camera not to mention the instrument safety aspect of not tangling gear in log piles.”




Dale’s system was purchased several years ago and is still going strong.  The reason?  Crystal Cam® camera systems are designed to operate in some of the most challenging environments anywhere, with a focus on reliability.  And our industry leading two-year replacement warranty means peace of mind comes with your investment.


Understanding your options is critical when investing in remote visual inspection (RVI) equipment - so partner with a supplier who has field tested equipment that can optimize inspection results and satisfy your project needs. See your world with accuracy, clarity and precision, contact our sales team to learn more about our cameras and imaging products today.


“We have used our Crystal Cam for many different projects!” - Dale McCullough, Oceanographic Specialist, Archipelago Marine Research Ltd