See it (more) clearly! – a look into CCII Accessories

When considering a new Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) system, or expanding on existing equipment, be sure to check out CCII’s line of tools and accessories.  With the myriad of different products, varying specifications, and industry jargon out there, any new purchase can be a daunting task.  This article provides a bit of insight into some of the options and extras we offer with our equipment.

When you are out in the field doing an inspection job, it is critical that you have the right gear that allows you to do the job properly.   This can be relatively simple, like taking a portable power supply with you, or something more advanced, like an innovative image enhancement system.  Everything we offer, from cameras to crawlers, is available with options and accessories that save you time and money, and ensure you get the best results the first time.  Examples include:

  • Expandable Inspection Pole – A durable and easy to use carbon fiber pole with an extendible range of 4.5 to 16 ft. [1.4 to 4.8 m], our Inspection Pole helps you reach those difficult to access areas quickly and easily. And it’s compatible with our Crystal Cam® Onyx, Amber, Sapphire or Diamond camera systems.
  • Sunlight Readable Monitor – When working outside, even on an overcast day, it can be incredibly difficult to see the video on a standard LCD monitor; our turnkey crawler and camera packages are available with optional Sunlight Readable Monitors fully integrated into the system.
  • Digital Video Recorders (DVR) – It seems almost silly to call a DVR an accessory since it is such a critical component of any inspection package. Our Standard Definition (SD) DVR offers recording direct to a USB drive, with snapshots and audio capability.  And, for High Definition (HD) systems, we offer a combination monitor/DVR that records full 1080p direct to a SD card.
  • Helios Video Enhancement – Whenever you’re working in particularly challenging environments such as low light, fog, or turbidity, consider adding the Crystal Cam® Helios™ to your inspection system; it dramatically improves image quality and increases clarity on any SD video system.
  • Mini Tether Reel – Let’s face it, cable management is a pain. With our miniature tether reel your tether stays organized and secure, and the optional padded case makes deployment and shipping easy and reliable.  And it saves time!  No more messing around for 20 minutes getting that cable neatly back in the box – just wind it up!
  • Battery Pack – When working in remote locations, why not take the power with you? Most of our crawler and cameras systems are available with battery packs that are easy to use and offer an operating time of up to 4 hours.

Crystal cam Imaging Inspection Pole and Crystal Cam Amber







Whether you’re adding on to an existing system or buying equipment for a whole new job, CCII offers high quality cameras and imaging products for remote visual inspections (RVI) and General Visual Inspection (GVI) of hazardous areas and confined spaces.  


For more information of our products and accessories, contact us today at or find us on the web at  We’ll help you See it Clearly!


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