TianJin TEDA XinHai Testecho Co., LTD

with Crystal Cam Imaging, Inc.

Crystal Cam Imaging, Inc. is pleased to announce that it has signed an agreement with TianJin TEDA XinHai Testecho Co., LTD (“TEDA”) for product sales in China.


Based in Tianjin, TEDA has been importing high quality audio and video products to companies in China since its inception in 2004.  Procurement Manager Rose Zhang met with Crystal Cam representatives at the Underwater Intervention conference in New Orleans and explained that their company is well established in the ROV and dive industries. She said they are looking forward to reaching out to their existing client base to show them the Crystal Cam products.  Zhang added that TEDA is particularly interested in the new Diamond HD camera and Delta crawler line, due to their unique design.


And we’re excited to have a new, dedicated representative in the area!  “We are looking forward to working with Rose and the entire team at TianJin TEDA XinHai Testecho Company.” Said Crystal Cam General Manager, Anne-Marie Williams. “We have had some sales in China but partnering with a local company like TianJin TEDA XinHai Testecho provides us much better access to the local market.”


For more on Crystal Cam Imaging Inc. please visit our website at www.crystal-cam.com. For information on TianJin TEDA XinHai Testecho Co., LTD please call them directly at Tel:+86 22 25797143 or email at testecho@163.com