Standing Out from The Crowd – Designed with Your Inspection in Mind

When considering your next Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) purchase, be sure to check out CCII’s line of industrial cameras.  It’s easy to see that we stand out from the crowd, both in the appearance and design of our systems.

For example - our Crystal Cam Amber, Sapphire, and HD Diamond cameras are housed in a clear two-part epoxy, letting you see the inner workings of the camera.  Not only do they look cool, there are some important benefits as well:

       Crystal Cam Diamond 1080p HD waterproof environmental monitoring camera..

  1. The camera heads are fully potted, in a vacuum, with no internal moving parts – making them almost indestructible, in even the toughest environments.

  2. The size and shape of the cameras allows them to operate effectively in air or underwater – to depths of 300 m (1000 ft) or more!
  3. Unlike traditional metal housings, the epoxy has superior chemical and corrosion resistance.
  4. LED lighting is integrated inside the camera head, so it enjoys all the benefits listed above – and, in many applications, you don’t even need separate lighting.


Some of our customers express concern about serviceability; the potted housing means the camera cannot be opened, and the components cannot be replaced.  And they’re right.  But … when you consider the competitive pricing, overall performance, and our new two-year replacement warranty, the Crystal Cam cameras can’t be beat.  Our systems help maximize your productivity and minimize maintenance cost and downtime – we’ve built and sold thousands of cameras for customers across a wide range of industries and applications. 

Contact us today to learn more about how our camera systems can save you money and reduce your down time.  We'll help you, See It Clearly.



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