Taking some of the Pressure Off

A recent article by Offshore Technology describes how the UK Oil and Gas Technology Centre is investing in robotics and remote inspection systems.  Most North Sea operations traditionally use intrusive inspection techniques, which can require that the platform be shut down. They may even send engineers into vessels to manually carry out inspections.  This is obviously a less than ideal situation; in addition to being hazardous, it frequently results in lost production (not to mention the high cost of a platform shutdown!).


Thankfully, pressure vessel inspection is transforming.  Moving beyond the traditional burdensome and hazardous methodologies requires new technology and techniques; and Crystal Cam® is here to help!


Here are three key benefits to the CCII technology for offshore inspections:


Improved Safety –Using Crystal Cam’s® variable geometry tracked Delta Crawlers for tank and vessel inspections means people can stay out of the most dangerous areas.  Simple to use and easy to transport, our all-in-one turnkey solutions are available for some of the most difficult to access environments and demanding conditions.


Less Disruption – Using robotic crawlers offshore can reduce inspection time and ensure the platform is back up and running quickly.  Check out this vertical pipe crawler from Inuktun Services. Equipped with a Crystal Cam® Onyx, the VT100 Vertical CrawlerTM has been used offshore to perform pipe inspections and remove debris.


Lower Cost – By reducing (or even eliminating) the need for a shutdown, the cost of inspections and maintenance can be dramatically reduced.


Crystal Cam® cameras and robotic systems have been designed to maximize inspection results and optimize operations; they have been field-proven time and again in some of the most challenging environments anywhere.


For information on our full line of Crystal Cam® products, contact our team at info@crystal-cam.com or visit our website at www.crystal-cam.com


“The application of robotics in offshore oil and gas is almost limitless, but as an industry we’ve only scratched the surface of what’s possible,” explains Rebecca Allison, asset integrity solution center manager at the OGTC.