Think Outside the Box

Crystal Cam Custom Solutions

When it comes to Remote Visual Inspection, Crystal Cam offers high quality cameras and imaging products designed to operate in hazardous and confined spaces, for use by divers, ROV operators, OEMs, and inspection contractors.  Due to the nature of some of our client’s inspection needs, we sometimes need to think outside the box … here are a couple of examples:


We were contacted by a North American industrial services organization to provide a camera system for a stop log lifter at a hydroelectric facility.  Hydraulically controlled, stoplogs are used in floodgates to adjust the water level or discharge in a river, canal, or reservoir; having a view of the surrounding area is key to their successful and reliable operation.  In this particular case, the company was looking for a turnkey camera system with multiple camera angles and positions, all viewable from the safety of the operator’s cab. 


The CCII Answer? A custom system with 4 x Crystal Cam® Amber cameras, including a sunlight readable monitor, a quad video display unit, and a custom spring load constant tension reel with 160ft payout/retrieval capacity.


And, when one of the worldwide leaders in high-pressure water jetting equipment and high-pressure water pumps contacted us for a camera system to mount on their equipment, we jumped on the chance and developed a simple solution for their complex needs.  Requirements included a total of six cameras, all with dedicated control and cabling, in a package that was clean and easy to install.


Building off of previous designs, we were able to supply a complete system with 6 x Crystal Cam® Amber cameras with 2 custom rack mount controllers, and 6 tether cables.




We love innovation. Our passion comes from our clients - their needs inspire us to work through challenges and develop creative and simple solutions to challenging inspection needs.


For more information on custom solutions, or our full line of Crystal Cam products, contact our team at or visit our website at and See your world with accuracy, clarity and precision.