Tread Lightly

Tank inspection and the Crystal Cam Delta Extreme

Pipe inspection robots are pretty cool; they come in a lot of different designs of varying sizes from manufacturers all over the world.  And when it comes to inspecting the inside of pipes, they can be really effective. 


But something that has been designed to crawl on a solid piece of pipe is probably not the best option when it comes to driving on sand, silt or other loose debris.   Case in point – Crystal Cam Imaging was recently approached by a service company looking to inspect the inside of filter tanks at a copper mine.  They had already tried using their pipe inspection system, but it proved to be too heavy and sank into the anthracite material (kind of like a loose gravel, made of coal).  Luckily we could offer a solution:  The Delta Extreme.  


(Similar in design to filter tanks referenced)




Weighing only 14 pounds, this amphibious crawler system includes a high-resolution zoom camera, LED lighting, and laser lines for on-screen size estimation.   But what really makes the Delta Extreme unique is its track belt design.  Born out of lessons learned during the 9/11 robotic search and rescue operations, the wide, flat, lightweight belts make it possible for the Delta crawler to operate in sandy and muddy conditions.  Add in its ability to change shape on-the-fly, and the Delta Extreme can handle a wide range of environments that are unmanageable for traditional tracked or wheeled systems.  Plus - the complete system is totally portable. Even with a 330 ft [100 m.] of umbilical cable and a miniature cable reel, it’s easily packed into a car, transported on an ATV, or checked as luggage on a commercial airline.


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