Crystal Cam Imaging, Inc. is pleased to announce our relocation, to 1A-2569 Kenworth Road in Nanaimo, BC!  For a few years now, Crystal Cam® Imaging has worked hard to provide innovative and economical Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) products for use in hazardous areas and underwater applications throughout the world. 


We’ve grown from a two-person company operating out of approximately 300sqft of “borrowed” space, to a team of nine talented staff and an expanded range of products.  With the new people, new technologies and our growing customer base, it became apparent that Crystal Cam® needed more space to handle our day to day operations effectively. 


So, what’s changed?


Our new space is amazing – we’ve got lots of natural light, plus new, high-efficiency LED lighting systems.  We’ve added dedicated meeting spaces, doubled our production area and we even have room to expand! There have been a few kinks along the way, but for the most part the office feels like it has always been ours.  And we’ve got the best neighbors!

There is some work to be done, but keep an eye on our Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages for our open house pics to see the full before and after renovation shots (including the FLOOD!) and share in our excitement as we expand our business.


We’re already setup to build the standard products, like our Crystal Cam® Amber, Diamond Turnkey, Diamond Push, and our Delta Crawler systems … but keep in touch with us to learn about our new manipulator and LED light modules that will be available later this summer!


For more information, contact our sale team at info@crystal-cam.com or check out our website at www.crystal-cam.com