What a View!

Companies that build remotely operated systems have invested a lot of resources into designing their core products. But, when it comes to integrating new cameras for cable monitoring, general situational awareness, or other special situations, Crystal Cam® offers several solutions that can save time and money versus developing something new in-house.


Take VideoRay as an example. Established in 1999, this ROV company has worked with technology and mission partners throughout the world to develop small ROV tools for a wide range of applications. One of their most popular systems is the VideoRay PRO 4, which comes with a range of available accessories including the Crystal Cam® Amber External SD Camera.


The high resolution, low lux Amber features variable intensity LED lighting, and is encased in epoxy with an easy mount design.    We build a special version just for the VideoRay, but the technology is the same as our standard unit, so it’s easily adapted to almost any type of interface.  Simple to connect, easy to operate, and practically indestructible - it’s no wonder VideoRay has been incorporating the Crystal Cam® Amber into their PRO 4 ROV’s since 2013.






Or, look here to see how our Crystal Cam® Onyx is used as a primary inspection camera on the Inuktun Versatrax 50 pipe crawler system.  Similarly, the Crystal Cam® Sapphire makes a great rear-view camera on the Inuktun Versatrax 150 (and some of their other crawlers, too!).


Whatever your OEM camera needs – Crystal Cam has you covered.  Simple, economical and available off-the-shelf, our cameras are proven time and time again in some of the most challenging environments anywhere.


Looking for more information? Check out our cameras and imaging products.  And, feel free to reach out to our sales team at info@crystal-cam.com to learn more about Crystal Cam® technology for your OEM needs.


Information on the VideoRay External SD Camera can be found on their website.


“The VideoRay externally mountable [Amber] camera is a plug and play secondary standard definition color video camera that is compact, lightweight and rugged.” VideoRay