What Lies Beneath

Crystal Cam® clients use our Delta crawlers for all kinds of hazardous area and confined space applications, from nuclear facilities inspections to Urban Search and Rescue (USAR), to working with law enforcement.  And, as most of our clients can tell you, every single project is different.



Here is just one example: our Delta Extreme (pictured on the left) was recently deployed in France, inspecting a box culvert that was partially flooded.  Inaccessible by personnel due to confined space and environmental restrictions, the Delta Extreme was a perfect fit.  Once on site, the system was operational in a matter of minutes.  With its crawling capabilities and zoom camera, the operators were able to see much further than the naked eye would allow.


By taking advantage of its unique capabilities for inspection and reconnaissance missions across a range of unsafe and inaccessible environments, the Delta Extreme was able to:



- Navigate over small rocks and debris

- Explore the full length of the culvert (even with sediment covering the bottom)

- Inspect the submerged side walls for corrosion

- Monitor sediment level

- Check for and monitor blockages

- Measure crack, rocks and blockages using the on-screen laser lines



Submerged (up to 100 feet) or on land, Crystal Cam®’s Delta crawlers are able to operate in pipe diameters of 12 inches and larger; and it’s equipped with specially designed track belts for optimal traction in sandy or muddy conditions.  Ideal for inspecting culverts and storm drains, hydroelectric infrastructure, pipelines, and storage tanks, the Delta Extreme can change shape on-the-fly and travel up to 300 feet at speeds up to 90 feet per minute.  Portable and man packable, and can be operated by a single user, so it’s ready to go when you are.


Check out the full Crystal Cam Delta Extreme culvert inspection video here.


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