What’s coming down the pipe …?

A look at the Crystal Cam Diamond HD Push System

Just recently our US dealer, Inuktun InCommand Robotics, LLC in Pasadena Texas, performed a local demonstration of our newly released Crystal Cam Diamond HD push system. And they got a little more than they bargained for…


The new camera was to be used for a quick inspection inside of a three (3) inch pipe at a petrochemical plant.  Inuktun sales rep Sam Perez arrived on site and had the system deployed within minutes; he quickly showed how the camera is effective for locating corrosion, welds, debris and other anomalies.   As the it moved through the pipe, the camera came up to a 90-degree bend and located a large piece of debris.  On closer inspection, the operators recognized it as a locator device used in a previous inspection; unlike our push camera this system couldn’t manage the sharp bend, so the tether cable was cut, and the device was abandoned.


Rather than cancel the demonstration, the camera was used to push the debris through the 90-degree bend (without suffering any damage!).   Click here to see the video on our YouTube channel!


The Diamond HD, with its integrated lighting and 1080p resolution, provided clear pictures of the pipe internals and made a positive impression on everyone in attendance.  And it’s not just pipes! The Diamond camera system is available with two different cable options for a variety of different inspection applications including ducts, sea chests, caissons, wells, and more!  Plus it is a great option for divers or OEMS.

Corrosion Detection

Weld Inspection

Debris / Anomalies Detection



But don’t just take our word for it - come see it for yourself! The Diamond HD along with our Amber, Onyx, and Sapphire cameras are all going to be showcased in the Inuktun InCommand booth at Underwater Intervention 2018.  Be sure to stop by booth 834 to check out our live demos.


For more info on the Diamond HD, contact our team at info@crystal-cam.com or 250-244-1838.